Tweede verslag Let Me Know-dag

Ook deze blog hebben we mogen ontvangen van een tiener die zondag mee was naar de allereerste Let Me Know-dag. Ze schrijft blogs omdat dit haar helpt. Zelfs kinderen/jongeren in andere landen lezen haar blog en zo kunnen ze dingen delen die ze meemaken. Hieronder lees je in het kort haar verhaal en hoe ze deze dag heeft ervaren! Een heftig verhaal, waarin ze vertelt dat ze in elkaar geslagen is en zelfs haar haren in brand zijn gestoken, maar wij zijn zo trots op haar om wie ze is en wat ze nu voor anderen wil doen!


Let’s talk about something people, rather talk around it than talk about it. Bulling, and I hear you thinking, oh no here we go again, but this is not about me, this is about something a lot of you guys will help just like it helped me.

You all know my story by now, but for the people who not know my story, let me catch you up a little bit. It all started when I was around 6 or 7. They started to say mean stuff like I was fat and that I was weird, at that age I didn’t know better than just being myself and wondering what I did wrong to let them say stuff about me like that, they tried to bring me down and make me that insecure about myself that I started being shy and had no guts to do the things I loved doing most.

So a couple years later I changed from school in the hope I got a new start…. Well, guess what… It started getting worse then before. At the age of 10 I wasn’t myself anymore, I became this shy person who didn’t speak up and who was ashamed of who I was. The bullying became worse, at my new school I was having trouble with the situation I was in outside school so that (of course) affected me in school and people around me saw that so I was again an easy target to bully and this time it didn’t end up with just words. My hair was set on fire for example, or you see those video’s going around of people just slamming against the ground and getting beat up, I know how that feels..

So I was in my last year of the middle school and you saw that all the bullying broke me down. I came home crying and locked myself up in my room and the next day it was the same riddle over and over again. Lets’s skip a few years because it didn’t change. First year of high school was a straight up hell, I thought (again) that I could make a new start, but I was totally lost, I was trying to be a person who would everyone love so I dressed myself like the rest. At the age of 12 I wore makeup like I played a sad panda because I thought that that would give me friends and made me quite the girl. What I didn’t know is that it didn’t matter, if you are insecure you will show that from the outside and people will notice so I started falling back in my old me, Insecure being picked on, and so the old riddle started playing again. I was called, fat, weird, boyish, whore, attention seeker and everything you can imagine and I was it.

I lost myself, I didn’t know who I was anymore, I struggled with an eating disorder and depression plus I was insecure, shy and easily hurt, my own mother didn’t recognize me and she saw how bad I was doing so she called help, I saw a therapist and she managed to get me 1 and a half year free from school so I could work on myself and my self esteem meanwhile I still needed to learn so I got homeschooled. In the Netherlands it’s quite rare if they agree with that so think about how bad I was doing. At the time I got to work on myself, I changed so much, I searched for who I am and picked everything up with what I loved to do the most, but that doesn’t mean that bullying was over. I just learned how to live with it and learned how to ignore all the bullshit. And now 1 year later here I am, writing about my life on my blog, Sing when I get the change, play boyish things because I love them to do and wear the clothes I love because I don’t quite care anymore what people think of me, okay now I’m lying but it’s less bad than before.

So with that said lets get back to the point of the story. Bullying is a serious issue and most of the people underestimate that, but a couple months back I found this foundation who helps kids and teens and alduts who are victims of bullying and are against it. The name of the foundation is Let Me Know. Let Me Know is an amazing foundation who truly helps teens and kids against bullying and I’m so happy that I found them because I’m not being bullied anymore, but I’m still insecure and still scared and what they did for me so far is beyond words and not only for me but lets take my youngest sister for example. She is on the edge of everything, she has no friends or kids to play with or someone of her age, kids bully her for being different so you can say that it sounds quite like my story but I grew up fast and she stays with her age.

What Let Me Know did for her is beyond words, lets take last Sunday for example. They had their first Let Me Know day ever and me and my 2 little sisters were invited and all we knew was that we needed to be around 8 in the morning at the Mac Donalds in Beuningen and what we saw there was unbelievable, a limo came to pick us up !! A FRICKING LIMO !! We were with 2 other kids in the limo and we stepped in and got a class of bubbles with some chips, We truly felt that day so happy and it wasn´t even the beginning of it ! We were heading to the next surprise and that was the Winter Efteling and omg it was amazing. We were with 23 kids of all ages, so we got into groups in all kids/teens from ages, so my little sisters and I got separated and for my youngest sister was that a big deal, but with the help of the members of Let Me Know she managed to do it on her own and even made friends! For months I saw my little sister not smiling and being down and that day I saw her smiling from ear to ear and having fun and that is the best feeling you can get as a sister, seeing your little sister who means everything for you being happy with herself and making friends while she is at home sad, crying and just feeling down, I can’t thank Let Me Know enough, what they did for my sisters and especially my little sister is beyond words, they gave her hope and the confidence that she lost on her way to where she is now.

Mostly I’m against foundations just because they are always behind the money and never for the teens/kids who need help but Let Me Know showed me the difference. They truly give about these children and want to make the best out of the situation they give hope and the confidence and love that they need at that time and just like last Sunday they show that you’re not the only one and that people care about you. What Let Me Know did for me and my sisters are beyond words and I can’t thank them enough!!

Some day I hope I can be part of their foundation and help children like they do, because there is no feeling better than seeing children who suffer from depression, eating disorders, self harming and just in general insecure but must being victim of bullying being happy with them self, there is no better feeling than seeing those children enjoy life again and making friends again. And that made me tear up seeing my sisters having so much fun that they still are talking about it. Thank you Let Me Know for everything you did for me and for my sisters.

If you are against bullying and want to show that you are there for them, they sell these amazing wristbands to show victims of bullying that if you want to talk or you just need someone they are there for them and they want to help. In the Netherlands it’s quite popular even the biggest NL celebrities have these wristbands to show that they are against it. This is not a sponsor I just think this is such an amazing project and foundation that they deserve more than they get because what they do is real, not for the money not for the fame, No. For the people who need it.